Technical File types

Many companies choose to only collect product compliance information for products with a high risk of non-compliance. By doing so they expect to save costs. However, they do not realise that it results in a loss off insight and an increase of company risk. Therefore, we want to enable you to choose between two file types in order to control cost and still make sure that your products comply.


In case you are looking to put minimal effort in the compliance of a certain product category, you can choose for a Basic file. A ‘Basic’ file only contains a complete but general overview of the (EU) product requirements and allows you to efficiently organise test reports, certificates and other information based on the main outlines of product requirements, with minimal effort and costs.


Do you want take it a step further? Then you can choose for an ‘Extended’ file. This file type provides access to the most detailed and comprehensive list of product specific requirements. Moreover, this list will be constantly updated and the compliance of the products that are already in the system will be monitored accordingly. You will have insight into the impact of requirement changes and will be able to ask for the right additional information in case of repeat orders. As a result you will know everything about the performance of your suppliers and have instant visibility and control.

About file monitoring

File monitoring is the process of tracking regulatory changes that apply to your products/technical files and warning you if necessary.

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