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Ensure product availability and challenge product cost drivers


Product availability is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers. Store loyalty is fading and shoppers are likely to substitute stores if a product is not there. Shoppers may switch their entire shop to a competitor is a product is missing on a regular basis. That is why procurement professionals within the retail supply chain are looking for ways to ensure product availability.

How can ProductIP help?

  • We can tell you what European rules and regulations apply to the product that you want to buy so you can include that in your procurement contracts or in your sourcing negotiations,
  • We can give you the tools to select vendors of compliant products,
  • You will know what documents you need your suppliers to provide so that you can ensure product compliance.


In this way, after you sign that contract, you will not be faced with product recalls or additional product testing or certification costs. Allowing a smooth procurement process and your product in the stores on time.

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