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Do you need a technical file occasionally? But do not have much experience in making technical files? Or maybe you do not have manpower or time to create them? Our team helps. Do you have a large product range and many suppliers? Then, they should provide the technical files for your products. 
We create the technical file in your behalf, connect your suppliers, explain what documents are needed, collect them and all other relevant information.We will report our findings back to you enabling you to make decisions for further steps (f.e. ask more questions to your suppliers, performing additional lab tests or product inspections). After that we gather more information, review and report back to you again.We keep your files available for the legally required period of 10 years.You will be able to monitor the progress through the ProductIP Platform 24/7.Changes in legislation lead automatically to changes in the status of your file.You will have access to the most detailed list of requirements possible.

You pay a fixed amount for the technical file that we make in your behalf.

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