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Automatic company specific requirements for your supplier and 3 other updates

Automatically add public company specific requirements for file requests
If your company has public company specific requirements in the ProductIP regulatory database, and you send a file request to your supplier, your public requirements are automatically added when your supplier creates a new technical file based on the file request.
Open technical files on a new browser tab or window
Sometimes it may be convenient to open a technical file on a new tab or window in your browser instead of the current tab.
This is now possible by right-clicking on the product name and choosing the corresponding option in the popup menu.
Removed character limit for bulk comments
The 250 character limit when adding a comment to tasks in multiple technical files has been removed
Harmonized status of manually added requirements
If you manually add a requirement to your technical file, the harmonized status (indicated by the H-label) is now also shown.

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