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Updates to the EU DoC


The EU Declaration of Conformity has been updated.

Here is a list of all the changes:

  • Automatic signing, using the new digital signatures function (view video about signature management)
  • All languages in a single document
  • Generates as PDF, so no more Word to PDF conversion required
  • Can be immediately added to the technical file and automatically linked to the DoC requirements with status 'fulfilled'
  • Additional fields that are mandatory for specific product categories have been added:
    • Medical: basic UDI-DI, single registration number, intended purpose, risk class and notified body
    • Outdoor noise: measured and guarantueed sound power level
    • Pyrotechnic: pyrotechnic registration number
    • Additional information: a field that can be used to add any additional information to the DoC, it is mandatory RED, GAS, PWC and RCD related products

View the introduction video about the new EU Declaration of Conformity

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