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File request enhancements


Create a technical file using the data from the file request, quickly see the differences between the request and the file and more.

For suppliers:

The file request contains the article information, the market release date and the regions where the product will be sold.
Optionally, the request may also contain the product category and answers to the product specific questions.

When you create a technical file based on a file request, all this data is prefilled in the technical file creation wizard.
This will save a lot of time and makes sure the technical file is created in accordance with th request.

When sharing a technical file to fulfil a file request, the technical file is automatically compared to the file request.
If any differences are found, this is displayed on screen.

For customers:

When receiving a technical file which you requested, the list of received techncial files also show if there are any differences with the file request.
If any differences are found, you can click the link to the differences.

Inside the technical file you are also made aware there are differences by a red banner that indicates this./
Clicking th elink in the banner also shows the comparison.


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