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Improved collaboration with Document request


Improved collaboration

The evidence that products meet essential requirements is often not available in one place. Some will be at yours, others will be at suppliers. Supply chain collaboration, therefore, is an important part of product compliance and a built-in feature of ProductIP.

Via a document request, your supplier can upload the compliance evidence they have directly into your file. 

We have reorganized the layout of the supplier part of this process. On one single page, they see the task, the documents requested, the documents already uploaded, and any comments you made regarding this. 

Why document requests and not use regular e-mail? There are several reasons, here are two:

  1. Product compliance is all about being able to demonstrate your efforts. Not just today, also in the coming ten years. Using the platform for document requests, document review, comments, means that all your efforts are visible in the timeline. This could prove to be very important in case something goes wrong, or when you are engaged in a regular audit with customers or authorities.
  2. Working on product compliance is often a combined effort. Your e-mail is visible to you. Now, what if your colleague wants to know the status, or needs to step in for you? Using ProductIP ensures the status is clear to any user in your account that has the correct user rights. A great feature, also for international teams, as well as today, for home-working teams!

A better overview, clear communication, improved efficiency, all important aspects for you and your supplier when working on product compliance.

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