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Message templates

Message templates


You can now create multiple templates for requesting documents:
Create templates in different languages, to address your suppliers in their native language.
Or create templates for different purposes, for example the initial request and a reminder.

When preparing the request, simply select the template you want from the drop down menu.

Optionally, you can click 'Preview template' to view your message before sending it.



Managing templates

You can manage your templates on the Templates tab in My Account


When creating a new template, you'll see a list of variables (placeholders) you can use inside your template text.

These variables will be replaced when you send your message with actual data related to your request.
This will allow your template to be generic but make your request specific, without any typing.

Use 'Preview template' while editing your template to view an example.

Templates can be managed by your account administrator and any user with administrator permissions.

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