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ProductIP Online Academy becomes ProductIPedia!



ProductIP Online Academy becomes ProductIPedia. The same knowledge base with everything you need to start or expand your journey into Product Compliance.

ProductIPedia - a guide into stress-free product compliance

Our regulatory team keeps expanding the Compliance Resources section with knowledge about regulations, chemicals, packaging, marking, legal information, Compliance partners and much more. Classified into beginner, intermediate, experienced and expert level.

Our support team keeps providing you with helpful tutorials, Tips & Tricks to make your work with ProductIP easier!

ProductIPedia offers:

  • Tutorials about the ProductIP platform. Learn How to create technical files and discover Tips & tricks to improve your workflow.
  • Articles about regulations related to the products you sell in one place. The Compliance Resources contain valuable information to improve your Product Compliance knowledge.

Help for this page

In the top right corner of ProductIP, you can find the ‘Help for this page’ button. Here you can find more information and tips about the page you are on. It is an on-going process, so we will always expand the content of this button with more information and guides. Cannot find your answer? You can always look in ProductIPedia.


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