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Audit score, File request and UI Improvements

Audit score, File request and UI Improvements


We added Social compliance audit score, Document reminder date quick links and a new support page and we improved File request, Invite e-mail and the Navigation bar.


Social Compliance - Audit Score

Track the score on social compliance audits of your suppliers. Select “social compliance” as document category in the edit metadate window. Two fields will become visible. Audit score and Audit result.

Document reminder date

We've added a new option to the metadata window so you can set a reminder date on a document with a single click on 1, 2, 3, 6 months. No further typing needed. This reminder can be set to remind you to collect new documents before the current ones expire. You can find this window by opening documents in our document viewer and clicking the Edit Metadata button.

Ask us!

"We are concentrating all the support information that you need to work with ProductIP in one place called:

You will find here information on how to operate the platform, video’s, and more. This will be work in progress. A way to contact us in case you feel information is missing. Channeling it this way will enable us to better service you."


(Technical) File Request

Some of you already have reversed the process and have suppliers that create complete files rather than uploading documents. This is what we call “file request”. We have added information on market release date, regions, article overview, to the file requests that you send out so that suppliers understand clearly what they should do for you.

Invite E-mail

We have removed a lot of information that was part of an invite e-mail that we added before, because we thought that it would serve a purpose, however it caused many suppliers to judge the invite email they received as spam. We hope that we have solved this issue with this step. We will monitor this in the market and adjust more when needed.

Navigation bar

"We have optimised the top menu for smaller screens, laptops, tablets. We recommend that users working with ProductIP have two screens. Did you know that the short run benefits of converting to a multi-screen set up are immediate and the long term gains substantial?" Read more about this study

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