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Technical file toolbar

Technical file toolbar


We replaced the header of the technical file with a toolbar.

The toolbar is visible on every tab of the technical file and allows to view and update the file status and workflow status of your technical file, make a clone, log an activity and buy one of our services for your file.

Additionally, you can customize the toolbar by choosing up to 3 fields from the techncial file, which will always be displayed in the toolbar.
For example supplier name or market release date.

To customize the toolbar click the configuration button on the right hand side.

This will open the 'Edit toolbar' dialog:

If are not using workflow status in your files and don't want to see the default workflow status in the toolbar, uncheck the 'Show workflow status' checkbox.

There are 14 fields you can choose from to display in the toolbar:

When you're done, click Save and the selected fields will be displayed in the toolbar:



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