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Requirement group search text filter and other enhancements

On the technical files page you can now use text filter 'requirementgroup' to select technical files with requirements in a specific requirement group.
requirementgroup:"ATEX" (show files that have requirements in requirement group ATEX)
requirementgroup:"!ATEX" (show files that do not have requirements in requirement group ATEX)

Other enhancements, refinements and stability improvements
  • When activating a pre-draft technical file, project would sometimes not be set
  • Completed product document requests were not visible if the technical files were closed in the account of the customer
  • Knowledge center search is now available to Enterprise customers only.
    Users in a pay-as-you account do still have access to resources and requirement information from within a technical file.
  • The creation date was removed from the filename of a generated Declaration of Conformity to avoid confusion with the market release date.
    Before: eu_doc_12345_20240329.pdf  /  Now: eu_doc_12345.pdf

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