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Activation date added to the file list report


We added Activation date as column and filter.
The Activation date is the date on which the technical file changed from pre-draft to draft.
This may be different from the creation date if in your account article information is imported.
If you create a file manually (including the Q&A), the creation date and activation date are always the same.

We added Reorder expiry date as column and filter
Reorder expiry date is the date the technical file can no longer be used for a reorder.
This is because on that date either new requirements come into effect or documents in the technical file expires.

We renamed column Deadline to Technical file deadline and add it also as a filter
Because we now also have a Workflow deadline, 'deadline' was too generic so we gave it a better name to prevent confusion.

We renamed column 'Invitation date' to 'Document request date' and 'Invitation accept date' to 'Document request accept date'
The term invitation no longer clearly explains its meaning. It is about requesting documents, so that's what we added to the name.

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