ProductIP winner of the Dutch edition of the 2017 Cathay Pacific China Business Awards

December 8th, 2017

There are a lot of great Dutch companies breaking ground in the Chinese market. Companies with passion, spirit and an inspiring vision. Companies that, on top of their success, stay innovative and are a real asset to the Chinese market. Each year, Cathay Pacific celebrates Dutch organizations that are leading the way in Hong Kong and China by organizing the Cathay Pacific China Business Awards. To inspire and connect Dutch companies with an interest in China and to recognize the best in their fields.

This year ProductIP has been the winner with Greentom and We4Ce as runner ups. Reconergy wins the Hong Kong Shooting Star.

The jury was impressed with the submission of ProductIP. The company is making great strides and is a valuable contributor towards strengthening the relationship between the Netherlands and China. They also provide knowledge, quality awareness and employment in China. “ProductIP is doing something very unique in China and that is not easy. There are big challenges in terms of legislation and regulations for the European market when you work with products in China and ProductIP offers a great opportunity for this. They have created a strong company in a fairly short time and that is impressive, according to the jury members.

ProductIP provides retail, trade and manufacturers with complete knowledge and solutions in the field of Product Compliance Management for the products they purchase in China and other countries for the European market. The web-based ProductIP collaboration platform is used to support customers and authorities to measure if a product meets relevant customer requirements and regulations. ProductIP was founded in 2008 by Maarten van der Dussen and Caspar ter Horst. They noticed that there was an increasing need for more efficient ways to manage product control. This is mainly due to the increasing emphasis on compliance and increasing consumer demand for safe, healthy and environmentally friendly products from a sustainable supply chain. The founders combine more than 50 years of experience in legislative and compliance issues in the field of industrial and consumer products.

This was the 21st Dutch edition of the Cathay Pacific Business Awards, sponsored by Cathay Pacific and partners,