The regulatory challenge for QC, Legal, Accountants and Consultants

For organisations within the retail supply chain, the regulatory challenge is one that is becoming increasingly important. There are two aspects to it’s relevance:
1. Consumers assume that products that are for sale, are safe to use. And in today’s world, consumers have the power to affect the brands reputation with just one click.
2. Pressure from the authorities has increased significantly over the last couple of years. The results of an investigation by KPMG show that 46% of C level executives see regulatory pressure and changes in the regulatory environment as the issue posing the greatest threat to their company.

ProductIP helps:

  • Become more efficient with regards to product compliance. Do more work at no additional investment.
  • Get fast and easy access to product related requirements, both legal and company specific.
  • Collect documents to prove that the product complies. Suppliers will upload documents directly into the corresponding file. No more .zip or excel files. Share these documents with all who need to know.
  • Keep track of changes in legislation so that you are able to take the necessary measures.
  • Prevent product recalls or claims by selling products that are safer because they comply. And in case you have a recall or claim, ProductIP provides you with instant information to make decisions.
  • Ensure that products are placed in the market with the correct declarations.
  • Ensure that the organisation has embedded the correct standard operating procedures (SOP) with respect to requiring the correct legislation / standards during the purchasing process. The ProductIP requirement list is part of this SOP and the structure of ProductIP secures that it is clear who did what, who can do what, who can share what with who, and so on.
  • Ensure that operational legal obligations, national recycle programs, memory cards, and so on, are met. This can lead to considerable claims!
  • Structure the distribution of your corporate requirements to the supply chain, as if these are legal standards.
  • Create a correct list in case of a dispute with others in the supply chain or with authorities. Create a comprehensive requirement list not just for now or nearby future but also for the past.
  • In case of mergers and acquisitions we help you determine the value / the risk of the information offered. How correct are these CE declarations, how correct are the technical files?
  • Is your customer expecting you to coach them about risks in the market, why not use the ProductIP services as an add on to your consultancy portfolio.

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