Sustainable growth with compliant products

If you want your organisation to stay ahead of the competition and be successful on the long run, we can help. Take on the retail business challenge and create a loyal, repeat customer base with compliant products.

You can:

– Move away from pricing competition by increasing the value of your products,
– Reduce the risks of expanding your product range,
Prevent product availability problems.
Grow your customer base to new european markets.
– Increase or maintain your brand equity by minimising the risk of empowered consumers,
– Ensure the continuity of your business by preventing costly product recalls.

We provide access to European product legislation and the tools necessary to select and collaborate with suppliers of products that are better, safer and do no harm to the environment. The ability to proof to your customers that your products are better than the competitions because they comply to relevant product legislation. Without having to invest in IT or workforce.

What is ProductIP?
ProductIP is the international platform that enables organisations within the retail supply chain to demonstrate that their products meet European legislation. ProductIP provides a web-based solution that enables quick and easy access to a complete list of applicable legal requirements for products. It also enables the implementation of a process (as described in ISO 19600) to create technical files* and collect, share and manage documents as evidence for product compliance. Even though founded in 2008, already more than 7,500 users work with the ProductIP Platform and more than 100,000 technical files have been made with a trade value of over 15 billion euros.



* A technical file is a collection of documents demonstrating that the product meets the legal requirements.


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