A standard document viewer was not good enough

July 19th, 2017

A standard document viewer was not good enough
so we developed our own; it is faster and available now

A large part of the work involved in creating a technical file is to review the compliance evidence.
By establishing whether the evidence is suitable and sufficient, you can sign off one ore more requirements. In order to do so the compliance evidence: test reports, certificates, declarations, artwork and so on, have to be opened in a browser based viewer. You told us that the performance of such viewer is very important in terms of user experience. The viewer is connected to the built-in intelligent Match-ITTM function, to the workflow of signing off requirements and connected to the user rights module. We cannot just use any available viewer. In the past years we have looked at many 3rd party solutions, in fact we have incorporated a few of them over the past years, but none made you sufficiently happy. So we decided to build our own. Now we can take control over performance and we are going to add more functionality.

Donwload PDF about the new viewer here