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Working on product compliance is an important and challenging job. You have to deal with many laws and regulations that are constantly changing. However, ProductIP makes it understandable for you.

Thanks to the web-based approach, you can efficiently work with your suppliers. In addition, our integrated knowledge base ProductIPedia enables you to build a successful business based on compliant articles at your own pace.

Afbeelding van een CE verklaring

Need a CE Declaration?

It will not have escaped your notice. There is a lot of concern about unsafe products being sold. The newspapers are full of it. As a result, the pressure on the market to do more about, what is called product compliance, is increasing.

Thanks to the web-based ProductIP, you can make tangible steps. Thanks to ProductIPedia, you can do this at your own time and pace. In this way, you and your customer can build up an excellent business based on products that meet requirements.

Afbeelding van een kleding etiket

Artwork Check

Errors on packaging, instructions or labels? Usually, there is something wrong with the product in the packaging. But, of course, the regulators know that too. 

When you and your supplier pay attention to product conformity, you prevent your company, your brand, from becoming low-hanging fruit for the supervisors, such as the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Tip from the market leader in this field: start with an Artwork Check of your most important product and use our feedback to improve similar products in your range.

Een afbeelding van keukengerei

Food Contact Materials

A plate, a cup, a knife, a pan, and the barbecue grill are all products that come into contact with food, Food Contact Materials (FCM).

Food contact legislation does not require a CE marking, but the requirements are stringent. There is even a specific EU Food Contact Materials Declaration of conformity. The aim of the legislation is straightforward: FCM must not alter the food or bring about any deterioration in its organoleptic characteristics. In simple terms, the FCM that touch food must not change it or endanger human health.

If you want to know more about this matter quickly, start with our basic training in chemical risks followed by our Food Contact Materials training!

New to Product Compliance?

Compliance Tuesday

There is much to learn about product compliance. ProductIP has been sharing knowledge with the market via Compliance Tuesday sessions for almost ten years. We are also launching a series of online Compliance Tuesday Tips & Tricks. Together with the information in ProductIPedia, these short video presentations help you on your way. Do not miss an edition and register now!


Product compliance is part of doing business. Integrating it into your processes is hard work but necessary to compete in your market tomorrow. Fortunately, ProductIP provides you with current tools and relevant knowledge in ProductIPedia.

Thanks to ProductIPedia, you learn at your own time and pace everything you need to know about product compliance. You will find videos and articles on the use of the platform, the latest developments and background information on laws and regulations. In addition, the English articles can instantly translate into various languages. Great for your German colleague, your French customer, your Chinese supplier! Feel free to share them!

Unsafe products are still for sale online!

An extensive article in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about dozens of products, removed from the market because they appeared to be unsafe, but still sold online via webshops such as, Amazon, Wish, V&D and Ali-Express. Not good. But how to change this? Perhaps it starts with an increase of awareness and basic knowledge;

  • What is CE, and can you "have" it?
  • What is the use of all those requirements, and do they also apply to products without CE?
  • What does a market surveillance authority do?
  • What about when I sell products in the other EU Member States?

These are some of the questions we will answer in our Compliance Tuesday Tips & Tricks videos. So do not miss an edition and register now!

Don't lose sleep over product compliance!

There is so much legislation and regulation that it is almost impossible for a non-specialist to keep up. We understand that. Why should this get in the way of you growing your business? Our team monitors the changes in laws and regulations and ensures that you can start a technical file very quickly based on what you do understand: the product. You will almost instantly get a technical file with a comprehensive and monitored checklist as a core.


The next challenge is to gather the evidence against this list of requirements. What do you need? The requirement list shows what document type you will need to sign off. Now invite your supplier to cooperate via our web interface, free of charge. Do they have questions? We offer support.


Collaboration with your supplier is essential. You are responsible in this part of the market towards your customers, the regulators, other stakeholders. Your supplier should be the product specialist. Working together in the chain is built into ProductIP and ensures that you remain in control. Of course, there will be questions. For this, we have created ProductIPedia. The articles in ProductIPedia give you and your supplier the needed answers in various knowledge levels and languages.

You are only three steps away from improving the future of your business. 

  1. Start your ProductIP account and buy and pay for two credits
  2. Create your first technical file and invite your supplier
  3. You have started building a business based on compliant products.

Note: You do not need to buy credits in order to respond to a Document Request by your customer ACTION.

Register your ProductIP account now!

Document request by Action: How does it work?

ACTION creates for the item you supply a Technical Construction File, a TCF, in their ProductIP account. You will be requested to provide the documents that demonstrate that the product meets the applicable requirements.
It depends on the product what documents are required. The upload page for that article provides an overview of what is needed. 
Do I need an Account in ProductIP?
You will need an account in ProductIP to accept the document request from Action and upload the relevant documents. To do this is free of charge. 
What will happen after the uploading of documents?
Once uploaded, the ProductIP team will check the documents. Then, we will link them to the relevant requirements in the Action technical file, thus creating an overview of how compliant the product is and what documents are still missing. We do this based on prescribed instructions from ACTION, and we will report the progress and status of the file to them. 
What does ACTION expect from you?
They expect that there will be full compliance and transparency for all their Private Labels by the end of 2022


Why did ACTION choose ProductIP?
ProductIP has expertise in technical files evaluation, a professional approach in compliance matters, and understanding the Action's values. 
What can you expect?
ProductIP will approach you on behalf of Action and request you to provide the necessary documentation.
Are there any templates I can use?
The list of requested documents also provides more information and, if applicable, includes downloadable templates.
I have received an email, but I am not the right person to follow it up
Send an email to with the correct contact information, and ProductIP will update the Action file and send a new request for uploading the documents to the right person.


1. Can you assist with all of these four aspects that Action is working on?

Action is working on LCA, Packaging, Social and Product Compliance with different partners, each with their own expertise and dedicated solution. ProductIP is the partner of Action for Product Compliance related aspects. The scope for our service is non-food consumers products.

2. What if we cannot supply all required compliance evidence?

A declaration has to be signed confirming compliance of the product with the aspects for which there is no compliance evidence available. Then, it is up to Action to decide if and what corrective action is needed.

3. Would it help if I already have a technical file available in my account?

Having the relevant compliance evidence available in an organised way is considered a big plus. It should be a technical file for the same product from the same supplier!

Enterprise Solution

Custom work required?

With our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, England, China and Hong Kong, we currently support 27,000 users. The majority are small business owners or small and medium-sized enterprises. They can get on perfectly well with our Pay-As-You-Go model. No significant investments are required. Only spend when there are opportunities. That's fine. But as soon as you approach 270 new product groups per year, and the organisation is somewhat larger, perhaps with international branches, it makes sense to grow into our Enterprise model. 

Download our services overview, give us some insight into your ambitions, and leave your contact details. Then, we will get in touch with you.

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