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ensure your products and production are compliant and ready for our stores!

In the dynamic and complicated landscape of EU Regulations, their associated standards and the growing demand for transparency and accountability, we at ANWB Retail B.V. are increasing our efforts to ensure our private label products (Human Nature and ANWB) comply to legal standards.

Partnership with ProductIP

In order to reach our goals in the context of product compliance and product safety especially, we are using the services and expertise of ProductIP. ProductIP is offering a web-based SaaS solution addressing both product compliance and ESG/CSR- obligations. With a global community of 30.000+ users, ProductIP is a neutral, experienced entity, not aligned with any testing, inspection or certification organisation. Nor are they involved with NGO’s or a market surveillance entity. Their mission aligns with ours: stepping towards a world where product can be trusted unconditionally.

Our commitment to compliance, safety and sustainability

Our focus is targeted on improving the process of documentation and validation for our private label products. Our objective is meeting and exceeding European, national, and company-specific standards. This aspiration involves accurate building of detailed technical files for our private label products, each a collection of documents testifying to compliance. On the ESG/CSR front, our collaboration with ProductIP extends to the development of complex supplier profiles (e.g. for the purpose of GHG-emission).

Your role and our support

This journey is collective, and in the upcoming phases, ProductIP will be our partner, assisting in collecting and authenticating the essential documentation from your end. All expenses with ProductIP’s services are covered by ANWB Retail; your contributions to the technical files are entirely free of charge. ProductIP is well known for neutrality, precision and professionalism in every step of this process. At you will find extensive support and multi-language resources on a variety of regulatory topics.

Your cooperation is valued

Your partnership in this journey is invaluable and essential. It will contribute to the situation where quality, safety, and compliance prevail and align our mutual business goal: the highest regulatory and ethical performance.

Together towards a safer, compliant, and sustainable future

We express our gratitude for your cooperation in this journey in the complicated field of product compliance. Our collective efforts not only promise products that are ready for the market, but also show our mutual effort for quality, safety, compliance and sustainability.

Thank you for your attention and we wish you every success in building the technical file(s).

What is Product Compliance

Navigating product and supply-chain compliance can be tricky, but you're not alone. At ProductIP, we're dedicated to simplifying this process for manufacturers, retailers, and traders. We clarify the applicable laws and regulations and guide you on the necessary compliance documents. Our goal? To make compliance straightforward and actionable for you.

How do we do this? We offer easy-to-use templates, smart forms, and a wealth of explanations to help you every step of the way. Plus, our support information is integrated directly into our web-based platform and is also available through ProductIPedia. Although most of our resources are in English, instant online translation into various languages is available for most content.

Don't worry if you're new to this. You're joining a community of over 30,000 users who trust ProductIP. Plus, you'll find user-friendly instructions and video materials to help you get started. The learning curve might seem steep, but remember, we're here to help you navigate every step of your compliance journey.

Tekst ProductIP Platform

Uploading Documents

ProductIP serves as an exchange platform for compliance information. ANWB creates a technical dossier in their ProductIP account for the relevant products. Through this dossier, ANWB sends a task via email to the respective suppliers, requesting them to upload the available information directly into the ANWB dossier. For this, suppliers need to register with ProductIP. This registration and the uploading of documents are free of charge. ANWB staff can efficiently monitor progress, review documents, and, where possible, use them to check off legal requirements or to provide feedback and additional requests to suppliers. In certain cases, ANWB may decide to hire ProductIP staff to assist with these tasks. If you, as a supplier, already have technical dossiers in your own ProductIP account, that's excellent. Please inform ANWB. Then you won't need to collaborate by uploading documents again; you can directly and freely share dossiers with ANWB for review.

A step-by-step tutorial for suppliers who receive a document request can be found here. We strongly advise you to study this carefully. Familiarizing yourself with this process can save you a lot of time.


ANWB has formulated a social compliance policy for its private label products, focusing on transparency in the supply chain and ensuring fair and safe working conditions at production sites. Our quality department needs to be informed about the production location and its social compliance status. This information will NOT be used for commercial purposes other than verifying the social compliance status of the production sites. Upon request, ANWB can provide a non-disclosure agreement.

Afbeelding van een CE verklaring

Need a CE Declaration?

It will not have escaped your notice. There is a lot of concern about unsafe products being sold. The newspapers are full of it. As a result, the pressure on the market to do more about, what is called product compliance, is increasing.

Thanks to the web-based ProductIP, you can make tangible steps. Thanks to ProductIPedia, you can do this at your own time and pace. In this way, you and your customer can build up an excellent business based on products that meet requirements.

Afbeelding van een kleding etiket

Artwork Check

Errors on packaging, instructions or labels? Usually, there is something wrong with the product in the packaging. But, of course, the regulators know that too. 

When you and your supplier pay attention to product conformity, you prevent your company, your brand, from becoming low-hanging fruit for the supervisors, such as the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).

Tip from the market leader in this field: start with an Artwork Check of your most important product and use our feedback to improve similar products in your range.

Een afbeelding van keukengerei

Food Contact Materials

A plate, a cup, a knife, a pan, and the barbecue grill are all products that come into contact with food, Food Contact Materials (FCM).

Food contact legislation does not require a CE marking, but the requirements are stringent. There is even a specific EU Food Contact Materials Declaration of conformity. The aim of the legislation is straightforward: FCM must not alter the food or bring about any deterioration in its organoleptic characteristics. In simple terms, the FCM that touch food must not change it or endanger human health.

If you want to know more about this matter quickly, start with our basic training in chemical risks followed by our Food Contact Materials training!

New to Product Compliance?

Compliance Tuesday

There is much to learn about product compliance. ProductIP has been sharing knowledge with the market via Compliance Tuesday sessions for almost ten years. We are also launching a series of online Compliance Tuesday Tips & Tricks. Together with the information in ProductIPedia, these short video presentations help you on your way. Do not miss an edition and register now!


Product compliance is part of doing business. Integrating it into your processes is hard work but necessary to compete in your market tomorrow. Fortunately, ProductIP provides you with current tools and relevant knowledge in ProductIPedia.

Thanks to ProductIPedia, you learn at your own time and pace everything you need to know about product compliance. You will find videos and articles on the use of the platform, the latest developments and background information on laws and regulations. In addition, the English articles can instantly translate into various languages. Great for your German colleague, your French customer, your Chinese supplier! Feel free to share them!

Unsafe products are still for sale online!

An extensive article in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad about dozens of products, removed from the market because they appeared to be unsafe, but still sold online via webshops such as, Amazon, Wish, V&D and Ali-Express. Not good. But how to change this? Perhaps it starts with an increase of awareness and basic knowledge;

  • What is CE, and can you "have" it?
  • What is the use of all those requirements, and do they also apply to products without CE?
  • What does a market surveillance authority do?
  • What about when I sell products in the other EU Member States?

These are some of the questions we will answer in our Compliance Tuesday Tips & Tricks videos. So do not miss an edition and register now!

ProductIP / FAQ

Introduction to ANWB Retail

You've likely received a letter from ANWB because you will be supplying Private Label products to them. In this role, they are seen as the brand owner by regulators, inheriting the same tasks and responsibilities as a manufacturer. ANWB must demonstrate to regulators that their products and production meet current requirements. For this, ANWB has chosen ProductIP as their partner. Through the ANWB account in ProductIP, you will receive requests to upload information, and perhaps in the future, to share a complete technical dossier. ANWB chose ProductIP as a partner because it offers several advantages:

  • ProductIP's expertise clearly identifies the applicable laws and regulations.
  • Justifications such as test reports and certificates are shared within the context of these regulations, allowing the ANWB QA/QC team to efficiently review them.
  • ANWB can quickly create a correct EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC), a so-called CE declaration when relevant.
  • ANWB also uses this route to fulfill its social compliance objectives. ProductIP is a web-based SAAS solution, meaning Software As A Service. We develop new functionality at our own risk. You don't need to invest in IT. The same goes for our laws and regulations database. We keep an eye on developments in Brussels and various Member States for you!

What is ProductIP?

ProductIP enables you to set up and manage product compliance with your supply chain partners in an efficient, transparent, and proactive manner. Companies use ProductIP because they see compliance management as a means to ensure customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition. Our product compliance management solution assists you in the process of buying and selling safe and compliant products. How? We translate complex product compliance legislation into understandable information, in a process that aligns with what authorities expect from you. This process starts with understanding the product. The result is a so-called technical dossier. You use a technical dossier to demonstrate product conformity and your efforts for a similar range, a family, of products from one supplier. A technical dossier contains specifications, drawings, test reports, and other documents required to enable all stakeholders in the supply chain to demonstrate product conformity. We also offer informative guides, document templates, and much more.

The ProductIP Database

We have the most extensive and up-to-date database of product-related technical standards, regulations, and requirements. After our questions and answers, you generate a list of requirements for your specific product. Now you can make informed decisions when buying products, supplying products to your customer, or when issues arise in the market. The ProductIP Platform Using our web-based solution, you can demonstrate through technical dossiers that the product meets the database's requirements. With our product compliance management software, you create, manage, and share technical files together with your suppliers and other stakeholders.

Technical dossiers

 A technical dossier contains all the evidence required to demonstrate that a product meets the relevant legal and customer requirements. Documents may include certificates, declarations of conformity, test reports, inspection results, and more. Requirements The basis for the technical dossier is a comprehensive and controlled list of requirements. This list is generated by ProductIP, based on answers to a series of questions about the product, when you introduce it to the market (import into the EU), and where you plan to sell it (make it available to the market).

Creating dossiers for all your OEM/OBM customers?

If you create technical dossiers yourself, you can share them for free with your OEM/OBM customers. This saves a lot of discussion about what is needed, and which information actually belongs where. Also, the next party in the chain - your customer - can use this information themselves, for example, to create an EU DoC - CE declaration - in their name. This turns "hassle" into an additional service element. No time available? Outsource! We have a full-service solution. We call it FAST service, File Assembly Support Team. Extremely useful if you don't have time or feel you lack experience.

The ProductIP Team - We're here to support you

Start with online training and our ProductIPedia guides! We've prepared instructional material and answers to frequently asked regulatory questions and gathered them in ProductIPedia. Learn more about Product Compliance through our Compliance Tuesday sessions, workshops, and training. Check out our event agenda and reserve your spot!

No time available? Outsource!

We have a full-service solution. We call it FAST service, File Assembly Support Team. Extremely useful in case you don't have time, or feel you lack experience.

Enterprise Solution

Custom work required?

With our offices in the Netherlands, Germany, England, China, and Hong Kong, we currently support 30,000+ users. The majority are small independents or fall into the category of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our pay-as-you-go model works well for them. It requires no significant investments. You only incur expenses when there are opportunities.

Need customisation? Are you approaching 250+ new product groups per year? Is your organization larger than a small or medium-sized enterprise, perhaps with international branches? Then it makes sense to transition to our customisable enterprise model.

Want to know more? Download our services overview, give us some insight into your ambitions, and leave your contact details. We'll get in touch with you.

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