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Technical files
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Technical files

A technical file is a set of information that enables you to demonstrate to authorities, customers, end-users, that a product, placed on the market by you in the role of an importer and or as brand-owner, is in conformity with the applicable legislation. With ProductIP you create, manage and share technical files for non-food consumer goods in an efficient way.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Technical file for each article?

No. A technical file can be used to cover the compliance aspects of a range of similar articles from one supplier for example powerbanks with different colour housing. On average there are 3 article numbers covered per technical file in ProductIP.

Do I need a Technical file for each shipment?

You need to be able to demonstrate the compliance of products also during mass production. ProductIP monitors the relevancy of the requirement lists in your technical files over time, so you know if you need to create a new technical file, based on your existing technical file.

How do I know what documents/certificates I need?

We have simplified the legislation so you can start the process with what you do know, the type of product that you want to bring on the market. Now anybody can create a comprehensive requirement list within minutes, the core of each technical file. The system knows what kind of documents/certificates you need. Invite your suppliers so they can upload the information that you need, directly into the technical files.


Your dedicated compliance specialist support team is ready to get to work for you. Choosing for the FAST option puts you in managing role rather than having to do all the work by yourself.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in FAST?

Here's a list of all work included within FAST:

  • Invite the supplier and explain what is expected that they will do
  • Provide the supplier with the templates needed for risk assessment via Verifeyer
  • Push the supplier to accept the invite and upload available compliance documentation
  • Carry out authenticity checks for the key documents (type testing related) (Our experience shows that at the start of stepping up your compliance efforts 20-25% of uploaded test reports and certificates can be fake!)
  • Add metadata to the uploaded information including validity dates if relevant to ensure that you will be alerted timely
  • Matching documents with requirements and keep an overview of the progress/completeness
  • Report back to you on the progress status
Collecting and reviewing documents related to your corporate requirements is included for Enterprise users.

How long does FAST take?

We typically expect to complete the process with a cooperative supplier within 6 to 8 weeks. In case of lack of cooperation, we will ask you for help to increase the pressure on the supplier. A second round of collecting, reviewing, organising, is included.

What if my supplier is not cooperating?

As soon as we pick-up signals that the supplier might not cooperate we will report back to you. The commercial pressure that you can exercise is essential.

How do I start FAST?

You can upgrade the support level via the BUY button inside each technical file.


Each time you have a new supplier you have to explain the relevance of product compliance and how you use ProductIP to mitigate related risks.

With connect, you let us lay the foundation on which you can build a healthy work-relationship with your supplier. We introduce ourselves and explain what you expect from the supplier and what he or she can expect from us. You focus on your Technical files, linking and fulfilling the requirements and monitor the overall risk your product poses.

Connect can be activated via the BUY Services option in each file.


You are in control of the communication with the suppliers via ProductIP however you don't have the time and or knowledge to review the documents and link them to the requirements, do an authenticity check and add metadata. Activate Organise to outsource that part to us.

What can I expect?

You can expect from us that we:

  • Organise your technical file, by linking documents to requirements
  • Report back to you on what is missing, including the necessary explanation/instructions
  • Add metadata where not yet filled in, (subject to availability of relevant information)
  • Check the authenticity of critical third-party documents
  • We report back to you what is missing
  • After receiving your signal that new documents have been added we do a second round.

We do not communicate with the supplier.


Your team is working professionally, and now and then needs an extra pair of eyes on the work to detect any areas for improvement. After you have completed a technical file and connected the documents to the requirements, you activate Review. In review mode, we do not change anything on the technical file or move documents around. We report our findings only.

You can expect from us that we:

  • Check the completeness and relevance of the documents in the Technical file.
  • Check the authenticity of the essential documents within the Technical file.
  • Report back to you on what is missing, including the necessary explanation/instructions.
  • A a second round will be started after receiving your signal that you have followed our instructions and or after remaining documents have been added. 

We do not communicate with the supplier.

Supplier profiles

The basis of product compliance is to keep track of the performance of your suppliers. They should continuously improve as this reduces your risks. This is where supplier profiles is all about.

Frequently asked questions

What information is needed for supplier profiles?

If you have multiple Technical files with the same supplier you can add a supplier code to the supplier. Each Technical file that is linked to that supplier with the same unique code will be used within the supplier profile for performance tracking.

What does BETA mean?

Beta means that the functionality is still in development but is made available for usage. We are conducting feedback rounds, user testing and are still thinking of ways we can further develop the supplier profiles.

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