Can your business survive the new EU product compliance rules?

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Fulfilment service providers and non-EU distance sellers have fundamentally changed the way consumers shop. This new route to market, unfortunately, has negative side effects:

  • There are substantially more incidents, more fires at homes due to faulty electrical products.
  • There is an increase in hazardous substances in toys, apparel, electronics.
  • Governments are losing money as there is a lack of contribution to mandatory recycling programs such as WEEE, Batteries and Packaging.
  • International targets on reduction of energy consumption require that standby currents are low and Energy labels are correct. Reality shows something else.

The EU has responded with not one but two new regulations addressing this. They already have been signed off earlier this year and will come into force in 2020 and 2021. Both result in a fundamental change in the way the supply chain involved in non-food consumer goods has to deal with product compliance. Given the impact and the ambitious schedule, this new regulation leaves businesses ample time to adapt internal processes and to increase the pressure on the supply chain partners. You will need to act now to minimize the impact or seize the opportunities.

"Understanding Product Compliance creates opportunities." (Michiel Lips - ANWB Retail)

Who will be affected?

Anybody with one or more of these roles in the process of bringing non-food consumer goods to the market will be affected:

  • you manufacture in the EU
  • you import into the EU
  • you own the brand (private label) on products targeted to EU consumers
  • you hold goods in the EU, even bonded, and ship them to EU consumers for yourself or on behalf of others
  • you are operating a chain of retail outlets • you own an e-commerce platform, and you are shipping goods to EU consumer, from within or from outside the EU
  • you own an e-commerce platform, and others are dealing with shipping goods to EU consumers, from within or from outside the EU
  • you are a warehouse operator and are holding and shipping products to EU consumers on behalf of others
  • you are a logistic service provider handling goods from outside the EU to EU consumers

"Product compliance, both internal and at our suppliers, has to get a higher priority. These regulations are final; this gives a sense of urgency." (Ben Brouns - Articona)

Be prepared. Learn from the experts!

Minimise the impact that the signed-off EU Regulations 2019/515 and 2019/1020 will have on your business. It starts with understanding what is going to happen!

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"Useful, clear, to the point." (Paul Salverda. - HAVO)

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