New EU regulations require you to stay up-to-date and ahead!

The EU commission has announced a new regulation on market surveillance that will forever change the way economic operators who are involved in placing non-food products into the hands of EU consumers run their business.

  • Do you know what compliance evidence to collect?
  • Do you have an efficient way to collect, review, organise, share compliance evidence?
  • Do you have the resources, the knowledge to deal with this? In short: are you ready to engage in this transition in time?

This new regulation was needed to ensure a level playing field for businesses operating in the European market and to ensure the well-being of EU consumers in a market that is flooded with non-compliant products. The new regulation now includes responsibilities for fulfilment service providers and non-EU distance sellers and increases the responsibilities for retailers and e-commerce platforms and amends those for importers and brand-owners.

The EU commission has already signed off another related regulation on the mutual recognition of non-harmonised goods, including food contact materials. This will be addressed as well.

  • Imagine, what will happen when market surveillance authorities can charge you with all the cost they have in case of a non-compliance!
  • Imagine, what will happen when retail, e-tail, fulfilment service providers and non-EU distance sellers will get the same responsibilities as importers and brand-owners/manufacturers have today!
  • Does this impact your business? That of your customer? That of your competition? Can you suppliers deal with this?

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