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Multimedia standards

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Multimedia product standards will end confusion for many consumer products.

Is a MP3-player in a mobile phone an information technology product, a telecommunication product or an audio-video product?

The functionalities of information technology, communication and audio-video products are increasingly integrated into a single product.
Audio players are included in mobile phones and amplifiers have wireless technologies and digital signal processors.
In the past there was a clear distinction between audio-video products and information technology products, but this has faded away with the introduction of multimedia products. These multimedia products are common for many years, but multimedia product standards were still missing. As a result many questions were asked regarding the correct selection of the applicable product standards for multimedia products. Standardisation committees have released multimedia standards that will replace the well-known audio-video and ITE product standards.

EMC / RED multimedia emission standard EN 55032 replaced EN 55013, EN 55022 and EN 55103-1.
EMC / RED multimedia immunity standard EN 55035 will replace EN 55020, EN 55024 and EN 55103-2.
LVD / RED multimedia standard EN 62368-1 will replace EN 60950-1 and EN 60065.

Multimedia standards table


Harmonised standards are published in EU Official Journals. The latest publications can be found online on the European Commission's websites:

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