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Reorder expire date

Disclaimer: This document provides guidance and is not a legally binding interpretation and shall therefore not be relied upon as legal advice.

The “Reorder expire date” is an important date which you should monitor for your planned reorders.

It is the date from which the technical file cannot be re-used for reorders because either requirements or documents are expired from that date.

Batches, lots and re-orders

The marketing of the next batch of products is therefore subject to the requirements applicable at the time of import or manufacture.

Identical products manufactured in the EU at the same time and then offered on the market are marketed simultaneously. And identical products imported into the EU at the same time and then placed on the market are placed on the market at the same time. Therefore, this batch of products is subject to the same moment of placing on the market and therefore the same EU legislation.
Each batch has its own set of requirements and this is determined by the date on which the batch in question is placed on the market, this date being the market release date of the technical file for this batch.
A batch of products is described in its own technical dossier.

Even if products of the same model or type in a previous batch were already supplied before the new EU legislation with new mandatory requirements came into force, the individual new products of that model or type (the new batch), which are placed on the market after the new requirements have come into force, must therefore comply with those new requirements.

Documentation from the technical files of previous batches may be used but only to the extent that the requirements listed therein have remained the same.
In ProductIP, the existing documentation is copied when cloning the existing file to the new file. This new file, with a new market release date, has its own up-to-date list of requirements.
The technical dossier of the previous batch, already marketed, can be closed.

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