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testxchange is the leading platform for the "Testing, Inspection & Certification" industry that brings service providers and clients together. Both sides save time by finding each other more easily via the platform and digitally managing their projects.

Whether you want to launch your product on the market at home or abroad - we will take care of your testing needs. We take all the necessary steps, depending on your individual situation: the precise determination of requirements, the search for a laboratory, the performance of the test, including project management and the documentation of the results. You can transparently follow every single step of the process.

Testxchange: Your virtual laboratory

At testxchange, we have an extensive global network of laboratories and test centres and work exclusively with accredited and 5* laboratories. We have already processed around 7000 test requests on our platform.

Experienced, reliable, independent, fast. That's what you can expect from us and leaves you more time for your other projects!

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