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trade-e-bility GmbH advises manufacturers, importers and retailers on quality assurance in the international trade of non-food products as well as the approval of products to be marketed especially in Germany and Europe. trade-e-bility supports their customers in all aspects of product marketability by proactively accompanying the manufacturing or procurement process with its special risk-based solutions, while assuring customers to bear minimised testing costs by way of tailor-made testing procedures. As a strong partner, trade-e-bility is working independently of testing institutes, which offers additional financial advantages to customers. The company´s goal is to ensure the customer´s product compliance and to protect them from written warnings by competitors and complaints by public authorities. Trade-e-bility offers solutions for CE, RoHS, REACh, ZPÜ/GEMA, product compliance audit in online-shops, product compliance full-service and many more.

For any service or enquiry please contact us via +49 (0) 40 54090410 – 0 or send an e-mail to or fill in the contact form.

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