Product Compliance Resources provided by ProductIP

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Downloadable Guides

Platform manual

A downloadable manual with extensive explanations of the ProductIP platform

Document Request

A complete guide in what to do when you received an Invite from your customer


Training sessions

Watch the ProductIP training, in English and Dutch

Technical file

All steps to create your first technical file

Technical files worldwide

Base files, a solution for all other regions worldwide

Document request

Quick start guide towards completing an invite for uploading documents

Adding Requirements

Do you miss requirements in your Requirement list? You can add them easily

Setting up notifications

How to setup e-mail notifications from ProductIP

How to Invite your supplier to upload documents

Invite your supplier to ProductIP to upload the documents you need.


Get to know everything about the CHemical Assessment Management Platform

Supplier Profiles

Explore how to get the most out of supplier profiles

Mandarin instruction videos

Instruction videos about the ProductIP platform mandarin language

EU Declaration of Conformity

Generate an EU declaration of conformity with a digital signature

Digital Signatures

Manage your digital signatures

Tips & tricks