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Account documents

How to store general documents centrally for managing in one location in your account.

General documents that are not supplier or product related can be managed centrally in one place in your account. You can decide whether a document should be automatically sent with every invite, every share or with a file request, or whether it should be automatically stored into the document register when a new technical file is created.

Account documents

  1. Go to the tool-icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Select "Manage account documents" from the list that appears;
  3. To be able to use account documents, you need to release some additional memory. The costs for using the function are displayed according to the current price list;
  1. You can add documents via the [Upload documents] button;
  2. Press the [Edit] icon on the right for more settings for the document.
  1. A window opens in which you can make all the desired settings;
  2. Finally, press the [Save] button to save the settings.

Account documents dialog

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