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2. Logging in to the Platform

ProductIP is new to me

login screen

Setup your account in a few steps:

  • fill in your contact details
  • create your own password and confirm
  • accept the general conditions
  • press register


Your e-mail address is your username!
This should be the same e-mail address as
your customer used to send the invite to.

registration form

I already have an account

Existing users can directly login using their e-mail address as username together with the password you have created before.

Forgot your password? Click on the button (example below). You will receive an e-mail with a link to a webpage. Here you can set a new password.

Something went wrong

When you see this screen, it means the email requesting to upload the document has not been sent to your email address.

welcome screen

- Ask your customer to change the email address so you see the requests immediately.

- Or add your colleague who received the email so you are both registered in the account, then the requests will be visible to all.

- The request has not been sent yet