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Inspections tab

By the „Inspections tab“, you can manage and assess additional quality-related information such as chemical test results,  container loading checks (CLC), commercial sample evaluations, during production inspections (DUPRO), factory audits, file reviews, incoming goods warehouse checks, initial production checks (IPC), packaging evaluations, production monitorings (PM), pre-shipment inspections (PSI), sample evaluations, social compliance audits or type tests.

Add an inspection

1. Press the button [Add inspection]

add inspection button

2. Select the related article(s) for which you want to add an inspection, press [+]. The selected article(s) are listed on the top „Selected product articles“. Press [NEXT]

article selection

3. Choose the type of inspection you would like to add and fill in the additional fields (optional). For example: PSI – Pre Shipment Inspection

select inspection

4. Enter at least the * marked fields.

Example: With a General Inspection Level II, and a quantity of 1000 units would result in 80 samples:

5. Finally, press [Save]

6. The PSI– Pre-Shipment will be listed in your list of „Services“.

Press the blue „info“-icon to see detailed information about this inspection:

7. Use the buttons on the right side to:

  1. a) Edit the inspection parameters
  2. b) Delete the inspection
  3. c) Upload document(s) and close the inspection
  4. d) Edit the inspected product articles

8. Example:

When uploading a document to a PSI service you have to enter also the result of this inspection.

9. Ensure that you have uploaded the document(s) and press [Save] to close and complete this inspection.

The inspection status and the result will be displayed in the list of „Services“.

10. Click on the respective service to access the uploaded document(s).

The document(s) will be displayed:

11. Optional

Press the button [Add to documents] or the [+] icon on the right side to add the document(s) to the tab „Documents“.


After an inspection has been saved and completed, neither the result nor the documents can be changed. A completed inspection can also no longer be deleted.           

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