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The redaction tool

Sharing a technical file with your business partner is a common thing. They may need it because they are the brand owner and have the responsibility for compliance. They may also want to see it as part of a review of your efforts as an importer.

Sharing a technical file through ProductIP keeps the information in context and makes the review more efficient. You make available the scope of the dossier, the correct market introduction date, the countries selected, and all of this adds to the confidence they have in your concern for product and social compliance.

We automatically hide information about your supplier when you share a file, but this cannot be done automatically for what is in your documents! We now have a solution for that!

With the editorial tool in the viewer, you can remove such information and create a document that you can share. We immediately add a watermark to that document so that the recipient knows that you have the document that is the basis for this edited document available in case it is needed

How does this work?

Redaction tool example


The redacted document is added to the documents on the documents tab. If the original document was linked to requirements the redacted document is also linked to these requirements. We also change the permissions. The sharing rights for the original document are now OFF and for the redacted copy are now ON. This means that the original file will not be shared automatically anymore!

Document permissions 


We also add a watermark automatically. This watermark says:

This document was redacted with the ProductIP redaction tool on 2021-05-31. At the time of generating the document the original document was available also. The originalcan only be made available by the document owner.

Document watermark



1. So what is the best way of working? Linking documents first or redacting documents first?

Best way is to first use the original documents and link them to the relevant requirements. Next that start to redact documents
that need redaction before sharing. Linking and setting the sharing status will be done automatically as part of the redaction process

2. Can I undo redaction?

You can undo redacted areas as long as you have not "burned" a final redaction document. After the you have two options:

  1. Re-start redacting with the original document
  2. Continue redaction on top of the redacted document

The redaction in the final (burned) document cannot be undone.

3. Can the redaction be made un-done?

No after you have created a redacted copy. We also called it “burning”. The redacted area’s are now permanent part of the document.

The area’s now also are no longer transparent of course. You can share the document!

4. Why have you added the watermark?

Product compliance is a matter of trust, not a matter of af always sharing all documents. Why would someone need a document if they know it will be available when it is needed? That is the message of the watermark, in fact of sharing files via ProductIP.

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