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01. Introduction

An introduction to the ProductIP platform

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(Chinese)How to create your own technical file in ProductIP  

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What is ProductIP?

ProductIP is a multi-user, web-based solution that enables all companies trading consumer products to know the relevant EU and national requirements for their products in 33 countries at the touch of a button. In addition, our platform helps to collect, review, manage and easily share all documentation in technical files across the supply chain with selected people. This is a huge advantage and valuable savings over most current solutions that involve emailing X MB zip files around the world, documents in different file structures on FTP servers, or documents that are not checked for validity or are checked in a very time-consuming way when regulations and laws change.

How it works

At the push of a button, by entering a product name (and answering a few questions), the system provides a list of the regulatory requirements in force in 28+5 countries of the EU on the respective market entry date.
This list of requirements forms the basis for filing and managing the corresponding evidence of compliance with the requirements (Technical File). For this purpose, the system provides tools to invite suppliers, colleagues, test institutes or others to upload documents, check them and assign them to the requirements list.
The database automatically monitors all products and documents and sets the traffic light to red when EU requirements change or filed test reports expire, for 10 years.
The system generates the EU (EC) declaration of conformity in the appropriate languages with the correct technical standards in force.
Filed documents can be shared completely or partially with customers, market surveillance, colleagues, inspection companies or others in the supply chain.

The platform in a nutshell


The platform supports you with the creation of a technical dossier containing all information about the compliance of your product.

The file contains the requirements your product has to comply with.

ProductIP platform requirement list


Invitations to upload documents are sent from the platform.

MatchIt is our unique solution for cleverly linking documents to requirements.

This creates an overview of the substantiation.

All activities are recorded in the Timeline.


You decide which documents in the technical file are shared with whom.


Using the platform creates structure.

You always have all the information clearly and logically arranged, directly available.


You have access to the completeness of the documents per risk category.

ProductIP platform risk profile example