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Create a workflow and a task

Create a workflow

ProductIP is a great tool to communicate about the Technical File. The workflow function is useful when different people are working on the same Technical File in one organization or one company.

Start the workflow in the toolbar or directly from the Technical file via the button EDIT on the left side.

Technical file workflow bar

  • Select person who should be addressed
  • Select workflow status 
  • Write a short notice

Technical file workflow

Create a task

The task function is useful for external communication with your supplier. Please note that you need to invite your contact person in advance and the invite must be still accepted by your supplier.

Start the task function from your timeline header and click the button add task:

Technical file timeline


  • Set task name, deadline and follow-up person
  • Select person who should be addressed
  • Write a short notice

Technical file add task dialog

The selected person will automatically receive an E-Mail notification and can respond directly by adding the data or respond.

This information is stored permanently and can be traced back even after many years.

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