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Custom Tabs

Each user can customize his dashboard using TABS. When you click on the ( + ) to add a TAB you can create one of your own or you can activate some that we created already. In fact the tabs: Draft without an invite. Draft with pending invite, Documents to be reviewed. are creating a workflow. The status of files are changing and they "move" into another filter, matching another TAB. 

TABS have various columns. Click on SELECT COLUMNS and select the columns you want to see. DRAG columns to change the order. Click on the header to sort on that column. Click again to reverse the sorting order. Hold SHIFT and CLICK on another column to keep the sorting order of the first column and apply the sorting on another.

Do you like this TAB that you designed? Move your mouse over the SELECT COLUMNS and see the new options. COPY to copy this setting to one or more TABS that you can select. DEFAULT to make this the DEFAULT setting for new TABS that you will activate

Note that we are considering extending this feature so you can set these as "templates" in your account to share with colleagues. No schedule yet.

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