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Enhanced search using FIND

There are options behind the FIND field that you can use to narrow down your search. The same options are available in the TEXT filter when creating a custom TAB on the dashboard. You can also use the so-called wildcard.

technical file search bar

  • article:1234 (article number is 1234)
  • article:1234* (starting with 1234)
  • article:*1234 (ending with 1234)
  • article:*1234* (containing 1234)
  • ID:1234567 (Searching for a File ID)
  • creator:"John Doe" (created by John Doe)
  • tag:"Winter 2021" (tag is Winter 2021)*
  • tag:!"Summer 2021" (no tag Summer 2021)*
  • po:12345 (PO is 12345)
  • barcode:12345 (barcode is 12345)
  • batchcode:12345 (batch code is 12345)
  • requirement:"EN 60335-2-33" (has requirement EN 60335-2-3)
  • fulfilled:"EN 60335-2-33" (has EN 60335-2-33 fulfilled)
  • unfulfilled:"EN 60335-2-33" (has EN 60335-2-33 unfulfilled)
  • notapplicable:"EN 60335-2-33" (has EN 60335-2-33 not applicable)

Note that the requirement search includes partial matches (i.e. EN 60335-2-33 matches with EN 60335-2-33:2013 and EN 60335-2-33:2016

Examples below

Technical files

Showing only files with an article number ending with „6“ -  FIND article:*6

technical files overview

Showing only files with the tag „UK“ -  FIND tag:“UK

Text filters inside a custom tab

Custom tabs

Custom tabs dialog

Technical files text filters

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