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Export a file

ProductIP guarantees the backup of all data and documents in a technical file for 10 years. You can archive a technical file outside of ProductIP by using the provided export function.

To do this go to the overview of your technical files. On the left side of your technical file, you will find the pop-up menu with the export function.

  1. Select "Export to zip file"

  1. You will see a dialogue window where you can make an additional selection;
  2. Select the desired option and confirm with the [Export to zip file] button;

Export file options

  1. A ZIP file will be created in your download-folder on your computer or server.

The ZIP file contains all evidence documents and images, as well as an XLS- and an XML file with all relevant information, about the product, the requirements, and the linking of requirements and corresponding evidence documents. With the XML file, a further data import into your existing system would be possible.


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