Label Compliance

What information should be included on the product packaging and labeling in order to comply with applicable legislation? This is becoming an increasingly complex matter. ProductIP helps.

If you send us the packaging, artwork & manual per country, we will be able to check against applicable directives and regulations for the mandatory:

  • Warnings, hazard and precautionary statements
  • Symbols, pictograms and markings
  • Obligations on traceability, name and address


The prices in the first row are per country and for one language only.
For countries with multiple languages, e.g. Belgium or Switzerland, the additional costs per language for that country are listed in the second row.

  Label check Label check + Instructions
EU or EFTA country € 225 € 450
Additional language, same country € 125 € 150

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A Label Compliance Check is typically completed within 5 working days. 

Take a look at an example of a Label Compliance Check report.

Please contact us for express service possibilities if you are in a hurry or you need a large series of documents to be checked, please contact us for a custom-made schedule.