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Below you'll find links to all our guiding pages, such as the FAQ, German & Mandarin instruction video's and guides on how to create your first technical file and upload documents.


ProductIP Online Academy is here to help you getting started with ProductIP, whenever you want. ProductIP Online Academy provides instructions on how to work with the platform.

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Expanding your compliance knowledge

Inside ProductIP Online Academy you will find a library. In the library you will find interesting and helpful articles to improve your knowledge about Product Compliance and become an expert at it!

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Welcome to ProductIPedia, your ultimate guide to stress-free product compliance offered to you by, and part of, ProductIP.  Whether you're a…

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Product Compliance & ProductIP usage.

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Technical files - EU

Introduction To comply with European legislation around product compliance, you need to be able to provide evidence, stored in a so-called Technical…

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Technical files - Worldwide

Introduction Dealing with the process of product compliance of non-food consumer goods is foremost an information challenge. ProductIP has set…

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Upload or Request Documents

Introduction Using ProductIP means you instantly have a standard operating procedure for your own team and your supply chain.

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Platform Tutorials

Introduction Basic knowledge helps you to understand the world of product compliance. Invest in the basic knowledge of product compliance will…

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German instruction video's

Find out! what regulations apply to your products by making a requirement list within ProductIP. You will find a video explaining why you should…

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Ask Us

You did not found the information that you were looking for or you have some questions? Ask us using the form and hopefully we can answer your…

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Learn from Recalls

Are you keeping track of recalls of consumer goods in other markets? You should. Why? In most cases, the products, as well as the way consumers…

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