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Using ProductIP means you instantly have a standard operating procedure for your own team and your supply chain.


It is important to be able to demonstrate that you, your team, is in control. In the scale of your operation things will go wrong, the question is how you deal with such events.

What it's about

You need to upload documents in ProductIP, either yourself or via an invite/request from your customer. Navigate to the "documents" tab in the technical file to upload documents you have yourself. Create an invite to your supplier to collect additional compliance evidence. You can find more about our upload request function here.

Follow these steps if you received an upload request. If you don't have an account yet create a free account with the link provided within the e-mail. Make sure that you create an account with the same e-mail address as used for the upload request. Once you’ve created an account first thing you’ll see once logged in is the upload request.

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