Product Compliance

What is Product Compliance?

A growing number of consumers ask for products that are safe and sustainable. The European authorities have implemented strict rules and requirements with regards to product safety and the environment. On top of that companies also have their own requirements, which may also include sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The goal of product compliance is to insure these different requirements are met by the manufacturers, brand owners, importers and distributors of these products.

Product compliance means there is a demonstrable suspicion that the product meets the essential requirements in the form of directives, regulations and harmonised standards. Some of these requirements, like the REACh regulation, apply to all articles whereas other requirements are product specific such as EN 62115 which applies to electric toys only.

Proper management of product compliance and the processes around it enables you to save time, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

The power of Product Compliance Management

If you think that it is difficult and expensive to successfully embed product compliance in your organisation, we are here to prove that it is not. ProductIP provides you with all the information regarding the rules and regulations that apply to your products. In addition, we translate these rules into a specific approach.

We enable you to manage product compliance in a transparent, efficient and proactive way which allows you to create competitive advantages and a loyal customer base. For example, by supporting you in making the right choices for suppliers and raw materials. Doing so enables you to secure the quality of your product range, control costs and mitigate risks at the same time.

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