Published on: Thu 27 December 2018

Market Surveillance Authorities


When operating in the field of retail and trade you will encouter market surveillance authorities in due time. Are you prepared for when market surveillance authorities come knocking on your door? Who do you talk to when you have a question and what to do when it all goes wrong?


We can assist when you have issues with market surveillance authorities and/or want to prepare your organisation for an audit. Using ProductIP means that you will have relevant product requirement lists and instantly a standard operating procedure for collecting, organising and reviewing your product compliance documentation.

Contact us now or follow the relevant steps at the "Need help immediately" section on the homepage if you need assistance.


Market surveillance is vital to the smooth functioning of the European single market. Not only is it essential in protecting European consumers and workers against risks presented by non-compliant products. It also protects responsible businesses against unfair competition by economic operators who ignore the rules or cut corners.

When market surveillance authorities encounter non-compliant products, they can take any necessary action including bans, withdrawals and recalls of products. This may lead to a notification on the European Union Safety Gate Rapid Alert System (formerly known as RAPEX). All in the interest of consumer safety

Contact details of national market surveillance authorities

All member states have appointed a ‘single liaison officer’ for support and cooperation between authorities. An overview of the single liaison officers (and competent authorities) can be found here.

And a document with all national market surveillance authorities by sector can be downloaded here.