Regulations explained

In light of the New Legislative Framework alignment package directives, a product is considered non compliant if the technical file is missing or incomplete (this is called ‘Formal Non Compliance’). This means that for the enforcing authorities it will become easier to determine non compliance. This is a factor that you will have to take into consideration when managing your products as it will have a direct impact on your product risk strategy. Managing risks is all about looking at the probability of something versus the impact or effect that the occurrence will have. Well, with this so called Formal Non Compliance, the chance that your products will be reviewed by the authorities will increase significantly. And we all know that such an occurrence can be quite impact full, resulting in fines, product recalls and damage to your brand.

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CE marking

Your trade passport to the european market place CE marking allows the product to freely circulate throughout the European Economic Area. But…

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REACH Regulation

Dealing with the REACH Regulation is a challenge for all organisations. There are many questions that need answering. When do I have to register?…

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RoHS Directive

Restricted substances in the RoHS directive The RoHS Directive currently restricts the use of the following substances: Lead (Pb) Mercury…

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General Product Safety Directive

The objectives of the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) are to protect consumer health and safety and to ensure the proper functioning…

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The Low Voltage Directive

Scope of the low voltage directive The low voltage directive ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high…

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive

Scope of the PPE directive The definition of PPE according to this directive is: Any device or appliance designed to be worn or held by an individual…

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Construction Products Regulation

On 1 July 2013, the European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011/EU came into effect. This regulation replaces the old construction products…

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Toy Safety Directive

Year after year are toys on the top 3 of most recalled products. Bringing safe toys to market is a challenge for many retail organisations.

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Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

The EU directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste (94/62/EC) deals with the problems of packaging waste and the presence of heavy metals in packaging.…

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Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive

2014/30/EU replaced 2004/108/EC Directive per 20 April 2016 and it is the directive relating to the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic…

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Radio Equipment Directive

The 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RE Directive) replaces the 1999/5/EC-R&TTE Directive per June 13, 2016 with a transition period till…

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