Toy Safety Directive

Year after year are toys on the top 3 of most recalled products. Bringing safe toys to market is a challenge for many retail organisations.

ANEC “the European consumer voice in standardization” and Toy Industries Europe (TIE) relaunched the toy safety campaign. Both organisations strive for more safety and awareness. Reminders on safe toys are always welcome, especially during the holiday season. This two-and-a-half minute video will refresh your memory with simple tips on toys.

If you are dealing with the toy safety directive you may have lots of questions:

  • Is my product a toy?
  • We are not a manufacturer. What do I have to do?
  • How do I organise a conformity assessment?
  • Which substances need to I test for?
  • What are the different age categories?
  • Is my product child appealing?
  • What are the rules with regards to labels and markings?

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Our solution

We enable you to assess whether your product needs to comply to the toy safety directive. The ProductIP Platform will provide you with a complete list of requirements and needed documents for your product in the country where you want to market it.

You will be able to gather and share all the required documents in the most efficient way possible. No excel lists, no zip. files, but suppliers who upload their documents directly into the correct technical file. Or we can do it in your behalf so that you can spend your time on more urgent matters.

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