Your challenge

The fact that products have to comply to applicable legislation has a large impact on many different types of organisations within the retail supply chain. Whatever you challenge is, efficient product compliance management is part of the solution.

Shopping The retail challenge
Whether you are responsible for sales, procurement, operations or QC, product compliance can make a large contribution to the realisation of your personal and your organisation’s targets.Read more..
The consultancy challenge
Recent research shows that developments in international legislation are the largest hurdle and the biggest threat to organisations within the retail supply chain. That is why the consultancy market related to the management of this product compliance is growing fast and is estimated to be worth at least $1 billion. Are you the consultant that wants to help organisations with their product compliance management?Read more…
brandrand Manufacturing or selling products under your own brand name
Any time a consumer buys a product, he probably has expectations of what this purchase will do and how it will improve his life. This means that a brand is also a promise. Promises that are not kept can harm your brand’s reputation. One of the basic expectations that customers have is that products are safe and of a certain quality. That is the reason that legal product requirements exist. That is the reason why the authorities will expect you to show that you are taking your responsibility seriously. For brand owners, managing product compliance is one of the most important responsibilities and tasks in order to ensure that the promise is kept.Read more…
 importer Importing products into Europe
When you import products that have been produced outside of the EU, the authorities place a lot of responsibility with regards to product safety and compliance on your shoulders. You will be expected to be able to provide technical documentation which implies that you will have to ensure that  your supplier has provided a compliant product.Read more…
 distribution Distributing products into European countries
When you distribute products, the authorities also have certain expectations towards you.Read more…



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