Trading agent

How we assist you:

  • Guide you on what substances you need to test, saving you money!
  • Supply a list of all relevant EU and national standards
  • Guide you what tests you need to run and how to organise them
  • You can work together with your supplier in the ProductIP platform, inviting them to upload documents directly in your Technical file!
  • Declaration of Conformity generator in our ProductIP platform
  • We can help you creating your technical files, you can upgrade the amount of work we do for you or do it all by yourself!

What you should do:

  • Perform tests to appropriate standards
  • Use comprehensive requirement list as first filter during sourcing
  • Ensure factory performs tests to correct EU and national standards
  • Ensure factory delivers accurate compliance evidence on time
  • In case required draw up DoC as notified body
  • Integrate the process of technical file making in your services offering