A guide into stress-free product compliance

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4. Upload your documents

Go to your request

After logging in to the platform, You can go to your requests in the top navigation and click on requests.

Requests page

Select the request you want to view and accept the request.

Request dialog

Uploading the requested documents

Request upload screen

These are the documents that your customer is looking for.

Perhaps you don’t have all (yet). In this case, it’s important to upload what you already have.

You can upload *.PDF, *.png, *.jpg. You have to convert *.doc and *.xls to *.PDF first.

More information

When the mouse is over the title of the document, more information appears.

A Compliance clip is a shortened explanation of the subject, and if available, templates can also be downloaded here.

additional information requested documents

Done uploading

Press [ Save & Continue later ] if you have to stop with this task now.

Confirm document request

Have you finished your task press [ Save & Close as finished ].
Your customer will now review the uploaded documents.
Most likely there will be some questions or requests for additional information.
For this, they will send you a new task that arrive in your e-mail inbox.