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5. Upload your documents

Uploading the documents

These are the documents your customer is asking for.

You may not have them all (yet). In that case, it is important to upload what you already have.You can upload *.PDF, *.png, *.jpg. You need to convert *.doc and *.xls to *.PDF first.


Here you will find more information and/or templates that can be used.



Here you can see whether a document has been rejected, and for what reason.



Close with this button if you want to add more documents later



Click here when all documents have been uploaded and close the task



You can post a comment here, instead of sending an e-mail



If you have already a file in ProductIP, click here to upload the documents from that file


Note! For some cases you cannot add a document category  to the document.

The list of requested documents is shortened  when the correct documents

have been uploaded and processed by your customer, and shows only the missing documents.


Additional Resources

You can find more information by putting your mouse on this icon


Here you can find the available templates


If a Risk assessment is required, you can start it here

Requested documents

When creating the file, it is important that the correct data is entered, because this determines which requirements apply and which documents must therefore be requested.


  • The market release date
  • The correct product category
  • Correct answers in the Q & A

If you see wrong choices in the list, please add a comment, so your customer can adjust the file and select the correct requirements.