A guide into stress-free product compliance

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4. Overview of all requests

Accept the request

On the Request tab you find the requests in your account

  1. klick on view request to accept the invite
  2. Klick on Confirm to accept

If this is not your article you deliver to your customer, you can decline the request.

After you have accepted the request, you will find the requested documents on the upload page.

Overview of all requests


First accept the request, click on "View request"



Click on “upload” to upload the files



List of missing documents


If it is blue your customer has placed a comment (this is also sent as an email)

 it will pop up if you put your mouse on it.



Here you see the remarks added to a uploaded document



You can export the information to a excel sheet



All Request were documents need to be uploaded


All Request were documents are uploaded and you have closed the task.

Your customer has to review them.

If there still missing documents, your customer will inform you by email

(the information also can be found on this page)

And the task will be shown under ”Open Request”