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03. Create Technical File

We are working on providing you English videos. We allready have German and Chinese videos. You can also watch these.

(Chinese)How to create your own technical file in ProductIP  

Watch German video about creating a Technical File

Can I group articles together in one file?

- Same supplier

- Same material

- Same list of Requirements (function)

- Same documents

ProductIP Group articles example

Technical File

Start the process by clicking on [ Create a new Technical File ]

ProductIP platform Create new technical file button

Technical file wizard step 1

The platform will ask you to provide the following information:

-The article name

-The article number

-When the order of your product enters the European market = the market release date

Create technical file wizard step one

Supplier contact details

  • Data is being registered in the address book
  • We will never share this information

You can also add the article number of your supplier to the file, It is also used when the supplier is asked to provide documents. This ensures better recognition of the request.

Create technical file wizard step two - supplier information

Go through the Q&A

In order to generate the correct requirement list that is the basis for your technical file, the Platform will ask you several extra questions.

This requires some knowledge of the product. A wrong answer can add or omit a requirement from the list.

  • In what countries will you sell?

  => Do not choose all countries, if you only sell it in Germany and France, it can make your list longer   with requirements which are not applicable for you.

  • Product specific questions

  => So we can add all applicable requirements to your list

Other questions:

  • Does the product have packaging
  • Do you want to keep track of inspection requirements / results in this the file?
  • Do you want to keep track of social compliance aspects of your supply chain partners via this file?

You will find more explanations why this questions is ask, and sometimes more information in a Compliance clip. This is a short “wikipedia like” explanation, about this particulair topic.

Create a technical file wizard step three

Find the product categories

Create technical file wizard - product category search

What if my product is not in the database?

You can then temporarily choose "PROVISIONAL".
After creating the file, add documents for additional information so that we can choose the right category.

Based on the information you provide, ProductIP Expert will determine the product category for your product. For product categories that are not yet in our database, we will do our utmost to find all relevant legislation as soon as possible.

Create technical file wizard - provisional

How do you want to create the file?

There are several ways to create a file.

If you have little experience, we recommend starting the first file in Fast. Here you will find more information and explanations about the different options.

If you have or can collect the necessary documents but lack the expertise to review and link them correctly, then choose DIY, add the documents and then upgrade the file to organize and we will start working for you.

Create technical file - options

Next steps

Now you can add the other articles to the file. These will be displayed on the Product tab.

Create technical file - add product article

On the Documents tab, you collect the documents that are relevant to the articles listed on the Product tab.

On the Requirements tab, you find the requirements that apply to the articles.

The requirements list is based on the information indicated in the red frame.

Create technical file - product tab