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04. The requirement list

The requirements tab

On the Requirements tab, you find the requirements that apply to the articles.

By collecting the right documents and linking them to the relevant requirements, an overview will be created that shows if the product meets the relevant requirements.

You determine the status of the evidence;

Requirements tab legend example

- Red        There is nothing yet

- Green    It complies

- Blue      The linked document is relevant, but not sufficient to declare the requirement fulfilled

- Yellow   The requirement is not applicable

Requirement list table example

Categories of the requirements

ProductIP Categories

ProductIP Risk categories

We have an article that gives a full explanation about the ProductIP categories.

View the article

Report incorrect requirements

If you come across standards on the requirement list that you find strange, or you receive a test report that mentions other standards, please check the chosen category.

If you still want to ask a question about this, do so via the button "report incorrect requirements".

ProductIP will then receive an email with the context of the file.

Report incorrect requirements button