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05. Upload documents

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(Chinese)How to Upload documents in ProductIP

Watch German video about uploading documents

Collecting your documents

Within the file you need to start collecting documents that allow you to demonstrate that the product complies. Upload the documents that you already have to match the different requirements on the list.

Click on [ Upload documents ] in the Documents tab and follow the instructions.


Technical file - upload documents button

Document upload screen

Hiding your information

Redaction tool

Sharing a technical file with your business partner is a common thing. They may need it because they are the brand owner and have the responsibility for compliance. They may also want to see it as part of a review of your efforts as an importer.

Sharing a technical file through ProductIP keeps the information in context and makes the review more efficient. You make available the scope of the dossier, the correct market introduction date, the countries selected, and all of this adds to the confidence they have in your concern for product and social compliance.

We automatically hide information about your supplier when you share a file, but this cannot be done automatically for what is in your documents! We now have a solution for that!

With the editorial tool in the viewer, you can remove such information and create a document that you can share. We immediately add a watermark to that document so that the recipient knows that you have the document that is the basis for this edited document available in case it is needed

How does this work?

Redaction tool example

Redaction tool

Redaction tools

Link your documents

Go to the Documents tab, open the document by clicking on the name.

Documents tab

Click on Edit metadata;

  • You can change the name
  • We advise to add the Document categories

Match it example